Tenerife Holiday Excursions – Make your reservations today!

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Tenerife Holiday Excursions, reservations, hotels, holidays, reservations, tickets, Canary Islands, buggies, jeeps, quads, scuba diving, trekking, whales watching

Tenerife Holiday Excursions, your reservations from today!

Tenerife Holiday Excursions

Tenerife Holiday Excursions, whales watching, Canary Islands, Spain, hotels, tickets, reservations, restaurants, trekking, quads, buggies, jeeps, scuba diving, fishing

Take an excursion to the inner parts of the island on jeeps, quads or buggies

So now you’re planning to go on vacation to Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, right? It is, indeed, one of the best places in Spain where you could have some rest. Of course, not all is laying around, being lazy, getting sunburns. No, don’t think for a moment that these islands only have beaches and hotels with bars and pools. And for those who are looking for something better than that, we have a very special proposal.

Tenerife Holiday Excursions reunites all the best experiences and activities offered around the island. There are both in land and in the sea, for anyone who prefers either one or the other. Also, these activities are for all kinds of groups and ages. No restrictions!

Tenerife Holiday Excursions, hotels, whales watching, reservations, tickets, restaurants, Canary Islands, Spain, trekking, buggies, quads, jeeps, scuba diving, fishing

You can reach the top of the island and dive into the sea depths

For example, if you have preference for the sea over the land, here are some things you could do. Instead of heading into the Loro Parque and watch dolphins’ shows, you can sail into the sea! And then what, you ask? Well, very simple: enjoy it! In the sea you can practice fishing, snorkeling, scuba divingwhales and dolphins watching, etc.

If you’re more comfortable on land, there are alternatives that fit your likes. In land, you could go on excursions by driving jeeps, buggies or quads, or simply going on trekking. But the fun doesn’t end there becaus there are alternative times for those who prefer day or night times for certain activities.

What should I know or have for this activity?

Tenerife Holiday Excursions, Canary Islands, Spain, hotels, tickets, reservations, restaurants, trekking, jeeps, quads, buggies, scuba diving, fishing, whales watching

There are a lot of different things you can do in the sea. Want to discover them?

Of course, Tenerife Holidays Excursions has certain restrictions, as not everything is safe. For example, if weather or sea conditions aren’t safe for sailing and any other activity, don’t try to persuade or convice the captain of the sea, because the ship will not move from the harbour. Be in place in the right hour so you don’t lose the excursions, because most of the times you will share the ship with other groups and there is a schedule for everyone.

When trekking or driving jeeps, quads or buggies, don’t even think you can go elsewhere without permissions. There are closed trails, protected areas and some routes cannot be visited without the express permission of the government, and belive us, getting caught is expensive. Also, whenever you bring your children with you, make sure they understand and follow the rules and security protocols too.

And you’re still thinking about it? Tenerife Holiday Excursions reservations are available for anybody from today! Call our office and book your favourite activities today with us!


Tenerife Holiday Excursions


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