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Tenerife Trips and Excursions, tickets, reservations, hotels, Canary Islands, Spain, car renting, trekking, quads, fishing, dolphins show, whales watching, paella cooking show

Tenerife Trips and Excursions

Tenerife Trips and Excursions

At last, holidays! Now, don’t mess you up. Where could you go to? That’s right, to the Canary Islands, and more specifically, to Tenerife. Now, again, what to do on your holidays? Yes, the beaches look alright, the hotel’s swimming pool is awesome, but both end up being boring. And better not mention the sunburn if you don’t care enough for protection! So, if you’re a lover of other kinds of experiences, here we have some you will enjoy.

Tenerife Trips and Excursions reunites a series of activities around the island that are performed either by land or into the sea. Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, in the air! We can offer you for example, group trekking, scuba diving, sailing for fishing, whales watching, driving quads, snorkeling… Really, there’s a lot of things to do around, and for everyone, no matter if it’s your couple, your children, some friends, your parents or just you!

What should I have, bring to or know about these activities?

As you will have figured, these activities aren’t offered by noobs. These professionals know what they’re dealing with, have been forming themselves and working on their field for years. They’re very experienced already, and that’s why they’re also very familiar with the security protocols too. Let’s look at some examples here.

When going on trekking, you should know every person that comes needs an autorization for most of the trails in the island. You should not get into any without these, or it can cost you more than you think! You must respect a ship’s captain concerns about weather and sea conditions; if these don’t meet a minimum security, you must not, by any means sail. But don’t worry, in case this happens, your money will be given back. Be in the right place at the right time, and be well rested, not drunk or high! And if you bring children with you, make sure they understand the norms of security.

Don’t think much more about it! Tenerife Trips and Excursions can be reserved from today! Call to our office, get all the information you need and buy your tickets!

Tenerife Trips and Excursions


Tenerife Trips and Excursions, hotels, holidays, reservations, tickets, trekking, scuba diving, snorkeling, Canary Islands, Spain, fishing, car renting, quads, whales watching

Trekking through charming beautiful landscapes and routes

Tenerife Trips and Excursions, Canary Islands, Spain, hotels, holidays, reservations, tickets, trekking, quads, fishing, whales watching, car renting, paella cooking show

Tenerife has a lot of things to offer. Don’t get stuck just in the cities!

Tenerife Trips and Excursions, holidays, hotels, tickets, reservations, trekking, quads, fishing, whales watching, scuba diving, fishing, Canary Islands, Spain, España

Trekking, quads, fishing, whales watching, scuba diving, fishing… Ask us for anything!

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