Tenerife Yacht Excursions – Make your reservations today!

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Tenerife Yacht Excursions, tickets, zealot boats, jetski, Canary Islands, Spain, holidays, reservations, hotels, restaurants, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, whales watching

Tenerife Yacht Excursions, tickets in sale!

Tenerife Yacht Excursions

Tenerife Yacht Excursions, reservations, zealot boats, jetski, hotels, tickets, holidays, Canary Islands, Spain, whales watching, scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling, restaurants

Yachts, boats, zealot boats, jetskis, submarines…

The Canary Islands (Spain) seems to be a very enjoyable place to spend your holidays in, right? Certainly, one of the best islands you can go to would be, without doubt, Tenerife. This island will make you fall in love with its many attractives, such as the Teide, the laurisilva forest around La Caldera, Anaga, Teno, Masca and many more places and corners.

Surely you are not one of those bored people who waste all their holidays by the pool or at the beach, are you? Even if there is a good bar in them. We know you are a nature lover and we have the perfect activity for you and your family (or friends) to enjoy here. How about a sail?

Tenerife Yacht Excursions, hotels, reservations, tickets, holidays, jetski, Canary Islands, Spain, boats, restaurants, whales watching, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing

Enjoy a fantastic sailing around the island with a small group of people

Tenerife Yacht Excursions offers the opportunity to enjoy a day at the sea and sailing with anybody you bring in with you. It doesn’t matter if it is your couple, your parents, your family, your children, your friends or you alone.

The ships are not harboured in the same spot. Some could be in Puerto Colón while others could be in Playa de las Américas. These ships are not found in the capital (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), so, if you need to know how to get to these spots, make sure you have our number and to phone us in case of need.

What else do I need to know or have for this activity?

Tenerife Yacht Excursions, holidays, reservations, tickets, hotels, Canary Islands, Spain, jetski, snorkeling, scuba diving, whales watching, restaurants, fishing, zealot boats

Explore the corners of the island in these sails

First and most important point to be familiar with is to be in the right place at the right time. These ships usually have schedules for more than one group at the same time, and more groups during the day. In case you need some guidance, phone us and we will tell you where to go, but do not make them wait.

Also, if you bring any children with you, make sure they understand the secutiry protocols as well as you. If they are young enough and unable to understand them, do not lose them of sight.

It is also recommenable that you take a certain pill to stop feeling dizzy while sailing. Half an hour before you get on board and start is enough for it to start making effect.

Tenerife Boat Excursions, don’t miss the chance to enjoy a different activity! Phone to our office to get all the information you need and book your packs.


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Tenerife Yacht Excursions

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